OUR STORY by Mike Donovan

Founded in 2013, Apparel Studio originally occupied a small 21m² space at the back of a car showroom. With the help of willing family members and a start-up loan, I built the studio and began printing with a small 4x4 manual press.

Having worked in sports merchandise since 2005, I felt there was a market for quick turnaround, low volume product that maintained a reasonable level of quality. By combining my design skills with in-house printing, it wasn't long before I'd developed a product that exceeded even my own expectations.

Florian Stadlober joined the business in early 2014, and we quickly re-established long-standing relationships with our German clients. 2015 saw us scale-up, outgrowing the original studio after acquiring an 8x10 automatic printing press.

We have grown in experience and ability year-on-year, adding fresh faces and ideas to the team. We've also invested heavily in specialist labelling equipment and 3D modelling machines that allows us to apply all manner of labels, once again lifting our product quality.

Looking ahead, we hope to continue our steady growth within the sports industry by building a better presence on home soil, as well as opening new markets in music and education. We aim to continuously improve our offering, making quality the driving force behind our future growth.

If you're looking for retail-quality merchandise, please get in-touch, we'd love the opportunity to show you what we're capable of.

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